Lotte India Unveils Exciting New Product – Coffy Bite Rich

A Delectable Fusion of Rich Coffee & Creamy Vanilla in the legacy of a confectionary Icon

Chennai, 1st August 2023: Lotte India, a prominent player in India’s confectionery business, is embarking on an ambitious growth strategy with a new launch of the country’s beloved coffee-toffee brand Coffy Bite.Coffy Bite Rich, a new offering is an irresistible combination of nostalgia by innovatively fusing rich coffee and creamy vanilla, guaranteeing a delightful coffee-based taste experience.

“The introduction of Coffy Bite Rich marks a pivotal moment in the brand’s journey, catering to changing consumer preferences and tapping into the burgeoning demand for hard-boiled candies. We anticipate the Coffy Bite Rich to play a significant role in our overall revenue growth, since the category is growing”. stated Mr. Milan Wahi – Managing Director – Lotte India. “The new product is set to become the epitome of rich coffee and creamy vanilla, a product that not only resonates with consumers’ choices but also becomes an integral part of the lives of every Indian.”

Coffy Bite Rich features a unique alternating swirl pattern, providing a visually appealing candy that stands out amidst the fierce competition in the confectionery market. Maintaining the brand’s heritage, the recipe for Coffy Bite Rich has been carefully crafted to preserve the original Coffy Bite flavor, with multiple sensory trials across various age groups to guarantee the best taste experience.

Lotte has been a pioneer in the coffee toffee brand segment since the acquisition of Parry Confectionery, and Coffy Bite has remained an iconic brand throughout the years. Since its introduction in 1987, the brand has gone from strength to strength, introducing new flavors, variations and pack formats, all while retaining its signature rich coffee taste.

With the launch of Coffy Bite Rich, the company aims to continue its inspirational journey in transforming India’s confectionery experience through its innovative offerings. The brand’s unwavering commitment to represent the consumers’ interests and fostering growth in the fast-evolving food commerce landscape, sets Lotte India apart as a leader in the industry.

About Lotte: LOTTE India Corporation Limited came into existence post the takeover of Parrys Confectionery from Murugappa Group in 2004. LOTTE Wellfood Co., Ltd (formerly Lotte Confectionery), the parent company of LOTTE India is part of the Korean conglomerate, LOTTE Corporation. The company is a respectable player in the confectionery space with strong brands like Coffy Bite, Cononut Punch, Caramilk, Lacto King, Jellies, Lollipops and Eclairs. With 24 CFAs and 4 regional offices, LOTTE India’s products reach out to over a million retail outlets through 2000+ distributors spread across the country. Apart from the two state-of-the-art, fully automated Choco Pie manufacturing facilities in Chennai and Rohtak, LOTTE India has its own confectionery manufacturing unit in Nellikuppam (near Pondicherry). Additionally, the company outsources its confectionery manufacture to three other units spread across India. LOTTE India aspires to achieve leadership status in all categories it operates in.

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