FUJIFILM India launches Revoria Press EC1100, makes advanced upgrades to Revoria PC 1120: Leading the Innovation Wave in Chennai Expo

FUJIFILM India launches Revoria Press EC1100, makes advanced upgrades to Revoria PC 1120: Leading the Innovation Wave in Chennai Expo

–       With faster printing speeds, superior media flexibility, 10 bit processing technology , Revoria Press EC1100 delivers exceptional results.

–       This printer is capable of handling long paper and heavyweight media, providing businesses with limitless possibilities.The integration of cutting-edge CPMD software in Revoria PC 1120 introduces a new RGB workflow bringing unparalleled quality to colored prints, setting new standards in photo printing.

Chennai, 03 August 2023: FUJIFILM India, a leading innovator in printing solutions, is proud to unveil the groundbreaking Revoria Press EC1100 at the highly anticipated 13th Printer Expo held in Chennai. This cutting-edge 4-color machine sets new standards in the printing industry, offering unparalleled speed, versatility, and quality for businesses seeking to expand their capabilities in printing. The Revoria Press EC1100 is designed to transform Printing Service Providers’(PSP) printing experience, enabling better handling of a wide range of applications with ease. Being at the forefront of the innovation, FUJIFILM India has also unveiled the highly anticipated upgrades of Revoria PC1120, a groundbreaking innovation tailored specifically for India’s photo album printing industry.

The USP of the Revoria EC 1100 lies in its ability to duplex automatically print on long paper (330 x 864 mm), boasting an impressive 34-inch support with Air Suction Feeder. With automation powered by the inline sensor and the gate-type Registration Mechanism, the EC1100 guarantees seamless operations and exceptional precision. Moreover, the inclusion of the Fiery RIP server EC12 ensures an efficient workflow, elevating PSP’s experience to unprecedented heights. One of the remarkable features of the Revoria Press EC1100 is its optimal support for various applications and creative finishing versatility. Experience breathtaking image resolution, enhanced picture vibrancy, smooth graduation, and sharper text that leave a lasting impression.

Catering to the needs of quick printers, jobbers, and photo customers, the Revoria Press EC1100 is set to transform the printing landscape. Its versatile media handling capabilities, combined with its impressive speed of 100 ppm, allows PSP’s to maximize their efficiency and meet the demands of mixed media jobs effortlessly.

Building upon the success of the initial launch of Revoria PC 1120, Fujifilm introduced an advanced solution that revolutionizes photo printing with a unique RGB workflow, extended color gamut, and the incorporation of pink toner for enhanced clarity and vibrant skin tones. The edition addresses the industry’s demand for superior quality at lower production costs, making it an ideal choice for creating breathtaking wedding albums. With cutting-edge software capabilities ensuring accurate color matching and previewing special effects, the upgraded Revoria PC1120 offers enhanced efficiency and effortless operation, promising to redefine the standards of excellence in the Indian photo album printing sector.

Mr Koji Wada, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India, while talking about the new revolutionary printer, said, “As part of our commitment to introducing innovative printing solutions, this newly launched product has emerged as a 360-degree solution. In addition, we are also offering a reliable support system through our FUJIFILM Business Innovation Remote Services. By leveraging this comprehensive support system, we not only proactively address issues, reduce downtime, and enhance the productivity of our printing partners but also aid real-time machine data analysis, automatic supply replenishment, and seamless billing meter reporting. Our dedication to quality and technology shines through as Fujifilm continues to introduce new technologies and upgrades. The upgrades to our flagship Revoria PC1120 is a testament to this dedication, with cutting-edge innovations making our printing solutions even more robust.”

To further enhance productivity, the newly launched printer is supplemented with a powerful Fiery EC11 print server, which optimizes the performance of the printer, effortlessly processing high-capacity jobs with its high resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 10-bit. It handles variable printing seamlessly, delivering exceptional results while minimizing processing time.

Both Revoria PC 1120 and EC 1100 will be sold through their authorized distributors Insight Print Communications. On this new launch and added features, Mr. Ajay Aggarwal – MD & CEO of Insight Print Communications said, “The launch of Fujifilm Revoria EC 1100 and  new capabilities on the Revoria PC 1120 marks an exciting chapter in our journey.  The new workflow in PC 1120 has the potential to catapult Fujifilm to the market leadership position in the photo segment. The product’s quality is now best in the industry, coupled with lower cost of investment and lower printing and maintenance costs making it a very strong contender for all PSPs in the photo segment, we are confident that this new offering will empower photographers and photo printing businesses to exceed customer expectations and achieve new heights of success.  Fujifilm, being traditionally strong in Photo segment, has revolutionized the price performance ratio and the entire industry is going to benefit from it.” As for the EC 1100, we are looking to address the vast space of 100 PPM where we wish to have a unique play in all the customer segments of Jobbers, commercial printers and photo labs.

Mr Priyatosh Kumar, Head, Graphic Arts Communication, FUJIFILM India, said, “At FUJIFILM India, we have a commitment to the Indian market. IN December 2021 we started our POD business with the launch of Revoria PC 1120 which is a full colour production machine at 120 PPM. After establishing a base with 28 installations in 21 months and showcasing our strength with that product, we have now added to our portfolio with another offering at 100 PPM speed range. This segment has seen hectic activity in last 1 year and we feel customers will really appreciate our value offering. As a process, Fujifilm will continue to keep launching newer offerings in the POD domain as we keep moving on till the middle of 2024 when we have Drupa 2024 where more products will be unveiled. We would love to collaborate with our customers and help them grow their business as we grow ours.   the Revoria Press EC1100 incorporates automatic processing technology, ensuring stable color reproduction and minimizing downtime. With advanced features like real-time curl correction and detailed pixel edge enhancement, the prints from this machine will meet highest quality standards desired by the industry. The upgrades to our PC Revoria 1120 is a classic case of acknowledging Indian customers’ voice and working in the direction of excellence that has power to revolutionize the industry.

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