Great Learning to host ‘Career Talks 2023’ webinar series

                                       ~ 6 sessions and 9 experts come together for a one-day marathon webinar series to discuss career-building techniques across the most popular domains in the industry ~

Chennai : Great Learning, a leading global edtech company for higher and professional education is hosting ‘Career Talks’ webinar series for students and working professionals in-most-demand domains like Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Software Development, Management, Digital Marketing and Data Science. The focus of this specially curated webinar day is to provide a platform for professionals to connect with industry experts and know in detail the trends, skills and opportunities of this domain and how individuals can look at building their careers in 2023. Additionally, it will also assist students in understanding how to set themselves apart from their peers, by bringing a competitive edge and utilizing in-demand abilities.

This one-day webinar series covers six different sessions and will be led by nine domain experts from organizations such as Wipro, Ola, GE, Nissan, Walmart and others. Each session will begin with a brief overview of the domain, a detailed discussion on the required skills-sets and further delve into the importance of developing domain-related capabilities. Thereafter, every session will be followed by a Q&A session with the industry experts.

The webinar will be conducted from 2 PM to 8 PM (IST) on 24th January 2023 (Tuesday) with each session lasting 45 minutes. For more on this and for free registration, aspirants can log on to Career Talks 2023

About Great Learning

Great Learning is a part of BYJU’S group and a leading global ed-tech company for professional training and higher education. It offers comprehensive, industry-relevant, hands-on learning programs across various business, technology and interdisciplinary domains driving the digital economy. These programs are developed and offered in collaboration with the world’s foremost academic institutions like Stanford Graduate School of Business, MIT Professional Education, The University of Texas at Austin, National University of Singapore, The University of Arizona, Deakin University, IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, IIIT-Delhi and Great Lakes Institute of Management. Great Learning is able to leverage the high qualified, world-class faculty at these universities together with its vast network of 5600+ industry expert mentors to deliver an unmatched learning experience for 6.6 million learners from over 170+ countries around the world.

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