FS Vinay Kwatra Returns from Myanmar, Discussed Bilateral Projects and Border Management Challenges

Chennai Vinay Mohan Kwatra, Indian Foreign Secretary, has returned from a two-day trip to Myanmar where he spoke about security, human trafficking, and border management challenges.

MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi tweeted, “Held discussions on important bilateral issues relating to border management, security and ongoing bilateral cooperation projects and India’s support to democratic transition in Myanmar.”

An MEA Press Release dated 22nd November stated, “During his meetings with the senior leadership of Myanmar, Foreign Secretary discussed maintenance of security and stability in the border areas of India and Myanmar; raised the issue of human trafficking by international crime syndicates in the Myawaddy area of Myanmar in which many Indian nationals have been caught and reviewed bilateral development cooperation projects”. 

Additionally, the FS reaffirmed India’s commitment to carrying out projects under the border area development programme and the Rakhine state development programme for the benefit of the Myanmar people.

Between the two nations, a number of accords fostering bilateral cooperation have been struck. Additionally, institutional structures have been put in place to encourage ongoing discussion on a variety of topics of mutual interest.

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